Sunday, November 1, 2009

black & white?

You know we've got a thing for Undecided Pets - so today they inspired us to make an Antithesis Week :)

Here's how it goes:


Start the day by waking up slowly. No alarm clock this time (whaat? yes, it can be done :))
This is a day when you accept the fact that life can be easy. You take pleasure in the simplest of things, maybe stuff you never considered before. Let's see, when was the last time you got out of the house and admired the trees, the sky, everything around you? If you can't remember, you could do it today.

Also, this is the day to KISS - keep it super simple :) OK? So: no worries, no strings attached, no big decisions, no processed food :) Yep, food is also important - go to a farmer's market and taste the real things.

Oh, and you might also want to skip work today. A simple excuse and you're all set :)


OK, so the day before felt too much for you. It's your lifestyle that can't go back to being simple, right? Riiiight. Then today will be just your cup of tea :)

Start early, to make things even more complicated. And if you haven't had enough sleep, that's perfect :D

Of course, now you get to go to work. And you might wanna go there by car, for bonus points. It's traffic-jam time :)

This is the day when you keep busy and wired: meetings, phone calls, decisions to make. Everything must be over the top. If it isn't, make sure you add a little to it :) You might even want to promise people stuff you don't really want to do. That'll add some spice too :P

And don't forget to keep busy until midnight. Also, go to your fave restaurant and ask for the most "complicated" dish they can serve (plus a really elaborate cocktail, of course). If they don't have anything that pleases you, make your own combo. Maybe you'll see it on the menu soon :)


This is the day when everything around you should be beautiful. And if it isn't, you make it so!
That fence might need a little varnish - and if you add some of your signature drawings, it will start to look even better :) Or take care of your furniture, clothes, whatever makes you happy.

Just make sure you beautify everything you touch. Oh, and people too :) You need to see only the beauty in them. No matter what they say/do, always take the good part in (be they family, neighbours or shop assistants). That's easy to do, right? :)


Uhm, this is the grumpy day. You need to be severly critical and never admit anything can be OK. The project sucks, they did the worst job ever, your energy is low and you really don't have the time to speak to all these stupid people. Really, how can everyone be so dumb?

People always have mean intentions, they're egocentric and nobody can ever do something that would please you. At least today, right? :)

Day 5: YOU

Focus on yourself today. YOU are the most important. So get yourself a little piece of heaven, whether it's a day at the SPA, a ton of beautiful clothes, some yummy chocolate treat. You know, something that will make you feel great.

Don't forget, you are the only one that counts today. So don't be in a rush at the beauty parlor, get everything they have to offer; take time to go to the gym; don't eat on the way home or over your computer keyboard.

Pamper your body and also treat your soul to something good - music, movies, romance - whatever makes you tick :)


Now you can focus on the people around you. Nobody is less important, they are all different and so great to discover!

So whether you're talking to a grumpy lady at the post office or to the waiter or maybe to a coworker or even your boss - keep that smile on and really listen to them. Help whenever you're asked to - and even when you're not!
You'll see, caring for others will make them respond unexpectedly. Take time to say "hello", "goodbye" and everything in between. Don't be just another person that crossed their way today - be someone they'll remember.

Day 7: ...

Now think about the few days that have passed and try to see what was good for you, what wasn't and why. Life is made up of bits and pieces of all these days, but we really need to experience them in bigger ways to fully understand :)

Ouch, that was a long post :) But if you didn't get bored and had the energy to read it all, we wanna say thanks. And please, tell us about your week :)


BiBiu said...

adooooor brosa asta :X

Anonymous said...

ce fain e postul asta :) Mi a placut mult,cit despre mine am inceput saptamana cu zilele 2 si 4 combinate :)) deci de maine nu poate fi decit mai bine,de fapt e deja mai bine ca am luat de la voi cadoul pt cea mai buna prietena a mea deci...:)va pupa Ioana

BURP said...

@BiBiu: :) dap, si noua, chiar ni s-a facut dor de ea :))

BURP said...

@Ioana: hehe, multumim. cateodata BURP kiddiez filosofeaza, dar nu ii lasam sa o faca prea de alta, dar poate devin prea seriosi.

cat despre 2 si 4...vorba ta, nu poate fi decat mai bine :)) and it will :D

always a pleasure to see you :*