Monday, September 7, 2009

right back at you.

You guys are the best :)

Thanks for being so supportive and making us feel better. And, of course, for listening to us whining on the blog :))

Lovely miss Ancuta also jumped in to make our day brighter and sent the funniest pics ever. Here's what she photographed while vacationing in Istanbul:

The Harlequin Cat on the blouse, the sea in the background, Coke...well, what else can we ask for? That's almost like Paradise in a nutshell :)

And here she noticed a tourist was napping on the grass while holding an UNDECIDED PET on his belly :D

That's really cute!!

And because bellies are the talk of the town, here's a funny cat showing hers. Or his :)

Burping in the sun - that's the thing to do.

And last, but not least. Ancuta says: "Smile! I know there's a rainbow right around the corner"

You know what? We're pretty sure she's right :D