Monday, September 21, 2009

danger ahead: uber-sweet post.

The BURP kiddiez spent the week-end attending a wedding, talking to friends about children, meeting people they haven't seen in a while, watching movies, working as little as possible and indulging. In everything.

So, what did this teach us? That love is all around :))))

And even though we only realized that now, the lucky pair above (a.k.a. The Sexy Couple) has been aware of it since forever.

Their philosophy is that each of us is a half, just waiting for the other to become complete. Huh, so mushy-slushy, right? :)) But still...they might be on to something :P

Look at them -- completing each other even in the way they dress :XX


BiBiu said...

uuuuuuuu!Extra cuuute :X:X

BURP said...

thank you :*