Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Coldplay and then some.

Ioana just came back from her mini-holiday in London. Mini, London, well...a girl can dream :)

Anyway, back to reality now :) As you can see, she had the most wonderful time AND her lovely pics can prove to all that London weather isn't "horrible", OK? In fact, it looks as if it was rather pleasant, so there you go...there is nothing that can make this city anything less than spectacular :)

And Ioana had the cutest look: a red trench & a cool BURP brooch :) We are proud :D
And a bit jealous of the Flying Bear, but that's it...we're planning our vacation right now!!!! See what a good set of photos can do to us? Please send more!! :)


BiBiu said...

hihi,pure sheep, porn sheep, smallpox bear ,undecided pet si the little socialite,au vazut Londra. I-am dus si eu si au fost tare incantati, au spus ca ar fi vrut sa fiti si si voi cu ei, dar au uitat repede cand le-am dat inghetata :P YUm YUm

BURP said...

@BiBiu: haha, ce tare! Daca vrei, trimite-ne si tu poze :*

Am dus si noi cativa, dar mai vor...ahem, vrem :D