Thursday, August 27, 2009

's coming back.

The Lost Rabbit doesn't know who he belongs to anymore. One morning, he woke up with a strange feeling and tried to remember where he was, but he couldn't.

So he went out on the streets and tried to find familiar places. Or faces. No luck with that either.
That's when we met him and promised to held find his identity back.

Anyone reported a missing rabbit? :)


BohemianSin said...

Sunteti geniale (prin originalitate)! Felicitari!

BiBiu said...

heello! v-am vazut postul si mi-am amintit de cureaua pe care o vreau :D Hihi,daca nu mai tineti minte va reamintesc . Va puuup.

BURP said...

@BohemianSin: multumim :) **blush**

@BiBiu: yep, o facem;nu am uitat de ea, doar ca nu am avut timp deloc, dar se rezolva cat de curand :)

BiBiu said...

take ur time! I can wait. Love you guys :*

BURP said...

@BiBiu: tx, u're awesome :*