Saturday, August 8, 2009

enchanted city.

A friend of ours was writing on his blog about how hard "growing up" is. It comes easy to some, but it's really like a panic attack for others.

But being a child is really a state of mind. You gotta let yourself wander (in your mind or on the streets) and be free (both physically and mentally). The hardest thing to do is actually give yourself a "green light" to do the things you want to do, WHEN you want to do them. Postponing everything till' later, procrastinating forever will only make things worse.

Of course you can't rush out of the door and sing on the street, now, can you? :)

Well, it just takes practice. Who says there are things you can and can't do? Only you decide that, right?

Look at this Disco Cat: she's the one that always reminds people they can dance and sing if they feel like it. Keep your eyes closed if that makes you feel better. And do your thing no matter what the others say. They will follow you shortly :)

So go now. It's a great week-end!