Friday, July 24, 2009

way early in the morning.

Remember these Self-Tanning Sheep? :)

Well, even we almost forgot about them - but today we found this pic of Andra & Andreea - and guess what? :)) There's a lil' sheep in there, too :P

Andreea is really sweet to give the sheepie protection under that straw hat - but girl, there's no need for do you think she turned green in the first place? :)


Andreea said...

girlz, ce sa zic, cu razele uva si uvb nu te risti. asa mi-a soptit the sheep, e foarte in tema cu sfaturile de protectie solara din revistele glossy. si cica ar mai fi aflat ca sunt in trend si costumele de baie in buline :))

BURP said...

:))mai, mai, dar oare cand are oitza asta timp sa afle atatea lucruri? :)

oricum, very cute pic :*