Monday, July 20, 2009

too many options, too hard to decide.

Miz No-Nose decided to go see her plastic surgeon for a few quick "adjustments".

But when they started talking and he brought her thousands of catalogues from which she could choose the perfect nose, she started feeling dizzy.

There were so many choices! If she got one, she would regret not getting the other. If - for example - she likes nose no. 56 now, but tomorrow realizes that nose no. 90 would've fit her better?

Hmmm...that was really hard. Too hard. So she left the doctor's catalogues on the table and went home.

"Better no nose at all, than one I won't be 100% happy with", she said.

Well, choosing is a bit hard sometimes for all of us. While writing down the pros and cons of stuff, we might procrastinate till forever.

Have you ever felt that getting more and more choices makes it harder and harder to decide? :)


Mircea Popescu said...

Cam dramatica chestie, eu am nas, imi place de el, si nu stiu cum m-as descurca fara.

BURP said...


da, Miz No-Nose e o curajoasa :)