Friday, July 17, 2009

take me for a stroll.

We told you about Acaju Boutique before.

But if you didn't check it out yet, now's probably a good time to do that :)

We found the picture above on their blog: that lovely girl looking as she's ready to go playing and wearing a BURP belt (the Ice-Cream Rabbit, to be more exact).

This photo is a perfect example of mixing'n'matching vintage and new. And they've got both covered at Acaju!



BiBiu said...

welcome back girls!

I really need to buy a new belt :D
soo, maybe I could get one of the black belts u have in there ( I know you have some). I'll be back home in 10 days so I can talk to you then.
Oh! and hope u got a vicious girl for me too :D.

Kisses, see you soon

BURP said...

tx :)

pai atunci ne auzim cand te intorci. have fun whatever you do!

Vicious Girl & belt will be waiting :)