Monday, July 13, 2009

not that kind.

Sometimes, Mina Ballerina turns into Superhero Mina :)

She's always been in love with comics - and wanted to have superpowers, save the world and be famous :)

And because we love her so much and we really cannot say "no" to any of her requests, we made her a cape and a shiny belt. She also worked out for a year to build up muscles, so everything looked pretty fine.

Except for the "superpower" part...which one should she choose? What would you do in her situation?


Anky said...

Probabil as alege sa pot manevra timpul si spatiul.. As avea timp de balet dar si de viata de super eroina.. :P

p.s. Sunt un mare fan al Minei!

BURP said...

:)) hehe, nice one

Big kiss from Mina :*