Saturday, July 4, 2009

it was about time.

The Sophist Bear likes to think he's a modern philosopher :)

He actually reads a lot of stuff and learns how to argue on subjects like life, love, humankind and bearkind.

Well, OK, he's the kind of bear that practically LIVES in the library. But in those rare moments when he's out of there, he's always got something really fascinating to say :)

For example, today we sat down with him for a quick lunch and he told us about this old-school Romanian thinker he really appreciates. He was impressed by an essay in which this huge writer said that he wanted to thank his football coach for teaching him what is important in life.

The story goes like this: when he was young, he used to play football. But one day, he saw a ball coming towards him so fast that he knew it was pointless to chase it - so he didn't move. His coach, on the other hand, didn't believe in impossible stuff. So he shouted: "Go get the ball!!!!".

Years later, the boy turned out to be really important - but he still remembered that piece of advice: even when you see an "impossible ball", go get it. You'll never know until you try.

Sure, years and years later, Adidas translated this by saying: "Impossible is nothing". And they just might be onto something :D