Sunday, July 19, 2009

all energy levels up.

Here's a short movie made by R.R. yesterday at the RFB Creative Party :)

You can see me working on the Plastic Surgery necklace, after spending about half an hour trying to figure out how to make a paper handbag :))

I actually made a thingie that resembled a clutch, but then I decided I wasn't happy with the result and went on to do something else. Well, yeah, that's me, a lot of patience, I know :))

And in this video you can also see the first fashion item made at the RFB Creative Party - the lovely pop art belt Adela came up with.

And below you can see another movie about BURP, one that was also made by R.R., only some time ago (in August 2008, to be more exact :))

It's fun to see Nico and I @ work - that's our studio, where tons of stuff get piled up and surround us & the kiddiez - for more inspiration, as we say, but we do not actually have the heart to throw anything away :)

Fun times. Hope you enjoy the videos!


avara maiju said...

hihii :) cool to put a face my email-buddy! ;) i'm in sweden in the archipelago with a crappy internet-stick and had to come back to watch the vid today, cos' a few days ago my internet was so slo it was jus breakin up. looked nice and the romanian chatter sounded exotic too :D

BURP said...

haha :)) thank you. i know what you've been up to, checked the blog ;) looks like you're really having lots of fun. And at least it doesn't look like the weather is horribly hot, like here...bwah

P.S.: Romanian sounds exotic? neaaah :)