Wednesday, June 17, 2009

too lazy to play////

This cat used to be in love with plain ol' milk, just like any normal cat should - until one day, when she found some chocolate milk by mistake and fell in the mug. At first it seemed like the kind of "accident" that BURP kiddiez always get involved in - only when she got out of there, she was completely changed :)

She entered this phase of choco-mania where we have to hide everything from her, 'cause otherwise she can eat tons of chocolate and still need some more...

Hmmmm...ChocoCat's got quite an appetite for such a pint-sized critture, right? :)


avara maiju said...

poor kitty. i've suffered the same destiny, so i kno what i'm talkin bout. it also made me cuter though :)

BURP said...

haha :) yeah, we've been there, too :P