Thursday, June 11, 2009

hey, oldie.

Had a wonderful day today :) Met with old friends, chatted and ate together, actually spent a great day like we used to - and of course we got melancholic and started thinking about "the old times" :))

That obviously took us to the "beginnings" of BURP and that's why we decided to post these pics of stuff we did a loooong time ago. Wow, seems like forever :)

To be chronologically correct, it all happened in 2006 - 2007 :P

Anyway, here's some of the stuff we did back then, starting with the crazy pornographic Rapist Mickey Mouse, some Metrick brooches and the hard-work textile wallets.

We're nostalgic, please excuse us, but we even think of these things as the old-school BURP kiddiez :)

Hope you find them amusing, too.