Sunday, June 14, 2009

full time.

Today started with a yummy recontre @ Violeta's Vintage Kitchen...

...where we ate a looooot, 'cause there were so many great choices and...we just couldn't choose :) See? Nothing left...except some bread crumbs :D

And because Alina came all the way from Germany to meet her Rainbow Mermaid, she decided to give up her necklace and only wear BURP today :)

Then we went to Street Delivery, where Kitten and Andreea were showing off their creations in the sun.

We also snapped a quick pic of this qute girl who was wearing the Glam Sheep earrings we made :)

The "street" had a lot to offer, including beer for the thirsty types - we even met one of our friends in line there, together with his dog. Judging by the long face of the puppy, we're not really sure where the beer went :P

There were lots of things happening in the street - and if you didn't mind the sun, you could spend a few hours in there without even knowing it.

Later on, Dreea and Roxana came too, and they engaged in a double photo shooting. The happy group says "cheese"(burger)!!

Then we went to the movies, so that Dreea could remember her "northern" experience: snow, ice and a lot of skiing. Pretty nice for a hot summer afternoon :)

Of course, on the way there, she couldn't stop chasing cats that seemed to look like her Utza. But this guy was really grumpy and sick of being a star. Meet Bumcat.

Oh, we almost forgot that the Flapper Girls joined the group. Their fluffy heads were a conversation starter and they never left Andreea and Roxana's outfits.

Plus we got to see how the BURP kiddiez are great in each and every occasion: they can be worn on handbags...

...and they're really keen on matching with your shoes and nail polish, too! :)