Friday, June 26, 2009


And yesterday evening we went to see Doc Marcell working it at MTR :)

He seemed to be in a pretty good mood, so we started fooling around, taking pictures and talking about "the old times" :))

Everybody was there...Irene,

...the A team :) (Andreea & Andrei),

...oh, and of course, the PORN SHEEP :)

The artist was busy drawing, but that didn't stop us from crunching popcorn and laughing out loud. And occasionally checking up on his graphic development :)

Maximum concentration...

...for maximum results :P

The last details were OK, so Doc received a big hug and we went on to eat something. You know, all that looking at somebody working can really make you need some fuel :)

Oh, let's not forget we also checked the Night of the Cultural Institutes.

That is if we want to be "absolutely honest", right, Andreea? :)

Plus the Sexy Sheep showed us she can also read, not just flash her undies :P

Yeah, good. We likey :)