Tuesday, May 12, 2009

where art thou?

Half Girl came out of the box today. She got rid of hearing people talk about this concept - 'out of the box' :)), obviously - and decided to show them that being OUT is not really the best of ideas.

She was in fact working with a magician these few days - and things started to go wrong when she became his assistant and played all the tricks on herself.

As you can see, her waist is no longer there...and there's a gap between her torso and her lower body. Uhmmm...does that mean her head goes in one direction, while her feet walk in the opposite way? Yep, precisely :)

Well, we guess there's nothing to be done now, right? Only to - as the English say - MIND THE GAP :)



what a lovely illusion: i can almost see the skirt :)))

BURP said...

hihi...almost, almost :)