Sunday, May 31, 2009

and they nevergrowup.

Our NEVERGROWUP contest is over tomorrow, when we'll also tell you who won.

Until then, we just have to say all the pictures, songs, links and stories from you made us really happy. We hope you "kids" will always stay like that :)

And here's a list of key-words we got from you, describing this wonderful feeling:

Friends, Patrocle, birthdays, jumping rope, making work

fun, playgrounds, special relationships, jelly, M&Ms,

coconut chocolates, funny ringtones, BURP kiddiez, the

Muppets, young and restless, butterflies, 20 y.o., pink

wallpaper, little hearts, funky shoes, ballerina T-shirt,

smiling, you and the others, making funny faces, taking

pictures, running barefoot on the beach, party hats, lying

on the grass and looking at the sky, Tzutzu, retro prints,

Romanian old-school movies, kissing friends :X:X:X, loving

life, feeding the birds in the park, flowers, spring,

moonlight, music, colorful nail polish, raspberry tea,

laptop, birthday cakes, love, summer vacation, best friends

forever, baby hedgehog, shopping for clothes…