Friday, April 24, 2009

whatever makes you happy.

Because today the weather was beautiful, we thought we'd take the kiddiez for a stroll in the park. And was it fun!

Just like crazy grasshoppers, they took over the small park and laid all over the place, sunbathing, playing, jumping around or simply getting into the way of people passing by :)

They received all kinds of proposals, but we think they're still too young to commit in any way, so we kept them all to ourselves :P

And, of course, we thought of doing an impromptu photo shooting as well :)

Which now make me think of the way BiBa Bijoux shot her jewelry right here. Hmmm, evil thoughts: we like to steal from our friends! :)) Haha!!


Andreea Vaduva said...

I was just about to order a belt and you come up with this :))) Well I think I should help you stealing, so I'll bring the camera, you brig the park :)

BURP said...

haha :)) merci mult :*