Friday, April 3, 2009


...yes, we do! :)

**WARNING**: serious post ahead (more than usual, anyway :P)

Been talking to some friends today and noticed something: most of the things swirled around work & life as they are - and they should be :)

Most people we know have a corporate life - and those who don't seem to feel like outsiders of some sort. And of course there's this struggle with themselves, the people around and everything else. If you are doing "the right thing" (you know what that is!!!!:P), it's OK for others and you're socially accepted, but it's not always 100% OK for you.

If you decide to switch to "self-employed" mode, then it becomes good for you, but questionable to the others who are still stuck somewhere from where they can't really see what you mean.

And then there's all this talk about stress, fast-paced lives, the need to give up stuff you'd love just to "fit" in some category somebody else created.

Kinda crazy...

Anyway, here's something: just read a few posts on a blog about "the simple life". Ex-corporate people who packed their stuff, closed the door behind and moved to the country. To sleep late, eat well and have more fun.

It's not mandatory to go there in order to be happy, don't get us wrong :) It's not even mandatory to quit your job. Though it's mandatory to wake up from this numbness you might like being in - and really ask yourself what is it that you want. That might not be easy to get, but it's there for you - and waiting. When you'll be ready, you'll see :)

We get it. And the Smallpox Dog (pic above) gets it, too. He's been there, done that. He's even gotten the blisters, as you can see. But now he's working it out. And we support him :)

This post is for all our friends out there - struggling with these ideas and trying to find out what to do. You know you are great and we support you, too, no matter what you choose to do :)

And something else: trend analysts are writing more and more about people doing things for themselves, earning money from their own small businesses, especially now, with the state the economy's in. see? You'll even be in the "cool pack" :) (kidding, kidding)