Monday, April 6, 2009

by any chance... you happen to have an alibi?

As we got home today and wanted to eat some milk & cookies, we opened up the fridge and found...NOTHING!!!!!!!!

All the milk was gone and all the kiddiez were sleeping - and you know they have those angel faces while sleeping :)

But we started a deeper investigation and looked at their tummies, to see which ones were bloated. And guess what? We found the Guilty Cat burping under the pillow from all the milk she ate...

A case for Hercule Poirot, we tell you :)



yeah yeah, always the same thing: the cat did it. But Poirot will proove that the obvious is not always correct! :D

BURP said...

hmmm, you know you are right? in fact, the Kinky Rabbit later confessed he did it, because he needed the milk to...oh well, we cannot say why :) But he's the guilty one, for sure!! :P