Wednesday, April 29, 2009

alphabetically speaking, you're OK :)

The Celtic Armor Hippo is crazy passionate about history and especially the Iron Age :)

A few years ago we made this trip to a castle in Scotland and the souvenir-shop was packed with all kinds of armors, swords and the like. So this little guy was trembling with happiness at the thought he will get to be the medieval knight he's always dreamt of being.

Anyway, truth be told, he bought an armor that day and never took it off since. Did we mention that was A FEW YEARS AGO????

Yep, he's also got some hygiene problems - but what medieval knight didn't? :)


alice said...

sunt tare faine:) exista cate una din fiecare model ? Care este pretul uneia?

alice said...

Sunt f faine curelele. Cat costa una? Exista cate un sg model din fiecare?

BURP said...

multumim, Alice!
ti-am raspuns pe mail :)