Thursday, March 12, 2009


...with your ballerina :)

Today we did a little ballerina profiling and guess what we realized? All these 3 girls have jobs in the communication area. That was something you kinda expected, right?

So let's see which is which.

First of all, she's in marketing. Always doing some paper work or seeing numbers even when she's sleeping.

And that happens a lot, as Markerina spends more than 20 hours/day working.

But don't worry, she can still hear you when she's "resting her eyes". A job never ends, right? :)

Our second girl works in PR. Yep, PRina is her name. Always ready for a cocktail party and getting new clients.

She always handles everything with velvet gloves and whenever she's had enough and feels like bursting out...she doesn't :)

In moments like these, her mouth gets smaller and smaller, while her eyes expand, but no "un-nice" word escapes out in the open.

And finally, this is ADrina, workin' in...advertising, you guessed it right. And doing a fine job, if we might say so!

You see, she always retouches something - whether it's her nose, her chin or even her elbows. Every little detail has to be perfect, right? And if that's OK, she goes further and further - fixing up her hair and always adding "a little more color" to her outfits.

Compared to the other two girls, she speaks a lot. And she's the loudest! But that's something to be proud of, right? And she is :)
(whether the others are listening or NOT)