Tuesday, February 10, 2009


...us? :)

The lovely
Harajuku Lady offered BURP this cool distinction that somehow travels on blogs lately. It's fabulous! :) Now seriously, we're pretty modest about it so we're gonna pass this on as quick as we can. Not before sending a big kiss to Alina! Thank you!

So here is our list of fab blogs:
- Biba Bijoux
Aiurea Shoes
- Something with a twist
- R.R.
The F Word
- Arabela
- Catalina Puiu
- Sweet Fancy Treat
Virginia Toma
- Tricksbox

The thing goes like this:
1. you have to post the above image on your blog ;

2. you have to think of 10 blogs that deserve the award and let their owners know they are nominated. Go girls! :)


Andreea Vaduva said...

thank you guys *blushing*

Stefa said...

uuuaaa , merci muuult "hug"

Daiane said...

thank you so so much! xo

BURP said...

@everybody: BURP kiss :*