Friday, February 6, 2009


...with benefits :)

Please meet the Luvlee Foxee. She's a wonderful girl - uh, woman, excuse us. A kept woman, might we add.

The Luvlee Foxee loves her boyfriend a LOOOOOOOOOOOOT - that should be about right, as he takes care of anything she needs and wants. "Oh, look, those cute shoes, I'd love to have this coat, I need a manucure right now, I crave chocolate cake"...these are the things Luvlee Foxee would say on a regular day.

Of course, she's got no money of her own, because she really hates to work - after all, she can't ruin her perfect hair, perfect skin and perfect nails, right? So she's got this boyfriend who takes care of everything. Don't mess with her, or she'll call him!
But enough now, Luvlee Foxee needs to sleep :)


HarajukuLady said...

ciao fetelor!
v-am nominalizat la "your blog is fabulos" award. pasati mai departe ))!