Monday, January 12, 2009

what's better than a good nap...

...after the holidays? :)

We dunno about you people, but the BURP kiddiez have this incredible napping theory. It seems that whenever the holidays are over, our need to sleep is even bigger than when they started. And no, we're not lazy and stuff. How can you think of that? :D

Scientists have discovered that even if everyone thinks a vacation should cure all tired people and give them an incredible amount of energy, in fact it has the opposite effect. So...we think you should embrace your nappy feelings and look down to all those telling you: "you cannot be tired! You've just come back from your holidays!". Just look at the Zzzzleepy Rabbit. He's got no problem in putting everything aside and getting a good old nap! :)


Tea said...


Nu ti-ar placea sa vinzi si pe Si sa donezi un procent catre caritate..