Monday, January 26, 2009

pow, pow...

...and it disappears!

Magee is this little girl that has always given us trouble. She wanted to be a witch of some sort since...forever. She first tried it black, then white - and now, she says she can do both.
To be completely fair and square, we never needed her help - or had any interest in her doings. Until one day, when she made this commitment she would prove to us that she's really "gooooood".

And she started modifying the kiddiez - which, as you know, ALREADY have some issues.

So she "worked her magic" on them and the results...well, we prefer not to speak about that.

But just to give you a hint, if you see them having a ear or wing too many or maybe looking like a rat when they're bears or maybe having too heads and stuff...the little sorceress is to blame, OK?


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I just can't get enough of your lovely stories! *hugs*