Thursday, January 29, 2009

do you...

...keep your socks on? :)
Would you say you have a special "relationship" with your clothes in general? Or maybe with an item, then? 'cause she does. Fetishista loves her upper and lower garments so much, she wouldn't take them off for anything in the world! How does she clean them, you ask? Better not touch this subject, we say :)
Anyway, she was practically born with the hat on her head and the socks on her feet - and it's pretty strange to see how she still loves them, despite the fact they've shrunk and got holes and everything else.
But hey, can you break such a lovely human-clothing relationship? :)
(Please, if you know any good doctors, we're willing to pay ANYTHING if they can make Fetishista lose the hat and the socks!!!! Where are all those shrinks when you need them?)...