Friday, January 30, 2009

always look for...

...a happy ending

Johnny-I-Don't-Care and Jenny-I-Wonder-If were a pair. A couple, an "item". Everybody knew it in school. But Jenny was always wondering if Johnny really loves her. "I wonder if he does...", one could hear her mutter during classes.

Of course, Johnny couldn't care less and he was always preoccupied with his look. So one day, when he needed to be adored, he called Jenny to come by and praise him. But she was busy at that moment and put her phone on "silent" mode...

She had important things to do: wondering if Johnny still cared about her. So Johnny decided to leave Jenny and get a new girl - one that wondered less and wandered more.
(P.S.: sorry, but sometimes it seems the happy ending just isn't there :))