Wednesday, December 10, 2008

too much cuteness...

...should be avoided at all costs
These last few days we've been surrounded by ballerinas. The Big Ballerina Motha' has been really busy popping them girls out. And we couldn't stand them anymore! Imagine one ballerina swirling on the floor, making pirouettes around the house and floating all day long...just being her cute sweet self.
Then multiply times ten. Yeah, not a pretty sight! Or a very pretty one, in fact, but when pretty gets way out of hand, it becomes unbearable for people who just MIGHT have some other things to do, as well.
Anyway, just wanted to let you know the kiddiez are protesting against ballerinas and the poor slim figured crittures cry all day long, their face in their tutus. Get over it,






and Pixie.
Better times will probably come for your kind. And if not, still have your flashy outfits, right?


HarajukuLady said...

sunt superbe.acum au nevoie doar de cineva care sa le invite in oras;)

Anonymous said...

Hey, the first little girl is for sale?;))


BURP said...

@HarajukuLady: Balerinele iti multumesc si fac o pirueta de fericire ca sunt apreciate :) Au avut cateva invitatii, insa nu vor sa para usuratice si inca mai delibereaza... :P

BURP said...

@Lizz: yep, she's for sale :) email us 4 details:

BURP said...
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NuMaPlictisi said...

fetelor voi unde aveti preturile?

BURP said...

@numaplictisi: preturile sunt la cerere, pe :)

Anonymous said...

sunt s-u-p-e-r-b-e. Dar cred ca stiati deja... :)