Wednesday, December 17, 2008

new stuff @ BURP @ Sala Dalles

Hey there! Remember we told you we'd be at Sala Dalles for the Christmas Fair? Well, if you haven't already visited us, please do - there are lots of nice surprizes waiting for you in our little shop! For example, these girls have just come by - and they need some matchmaking A.S.A.P.! Of course, it's not hard to find suitors for them, as they are - obviously - well mannered, gorgeous and intelligent. So if you have a crush on either of them, be quick to say so! :)
And now, the contestants:
No.1, the Viking Babe - she's been known to date all vikings around and drink lots of beer when being dumped. So she's got lots of love and vitamin E to give!

No. 2: The Reindeer Sisters, who were hired to boost up the self esteem of Santa's sledge reindeer pack. All they have to do is look good, smell good and be nice to the reindeers. So shhhhh, some of them need to get their beauty sleep right now!

We could stop and admire Rudolpha, one of the cutest Reindeer girls. 1, 2, 3...admire! OK now, let's move to the next one!

This is no. 3, Bony. She loves meat and likes to use the bones to adorn her hair.

At no. 4 we meet the Bunny Twins. Once calendar babes for an important mag that cares about the bunny race and promotes it worldwide, they are now kindergarten teachers and they love it :)


Anonymous said...

vroiam sa va spun ca cerceii cu Tanorexic Sheep pe care ii am de la voi au facut adevarate furori in Portugalia, toata lumea se amuza mai intai de aspectul lor, iar apoi cand aud ca au chiar o poveste, nu le vine sa creada ca exista asa ceva :)
Vedeti, v'am dus numele departe, pana in celalalt capat al Europei :)

BURP said...

@lenebarbie: hehe, multumim :) cred ca Tanorexic Sheep s-a distrat de minune in Portugalia, impreuna cu tine! Evident, observam ca nu s-a putut abtine de la a se da mare si pe meleaguri straine...tztztz, probabil solarul i-a prajit creierasul si de-aia... :P

Anonymous said...

oricum, i'am impus un program de distractii mult diferit de solarul cu care era obisnuita ea. Probabil ca acum i s'a prajit creierasul de la tequila si nu de la ultraviolete ;))

BURP said...

hihi, TEQUILA!!! :) isn't that nice for a change? :)

Anonymous said...

asa am zis si eu, doar ca ea e cam nemultumita ca a facut burta si ma acuza pe mine de aceasta transformare!

Diana @ So Fash'on said...

foarte dragute detaliile de tulle :D love!

BURP said...

@Diana: multumim :*
cannot not love tulle, huh? :)

Anonymous said... ce pretz au?