Tuesday, December 23, 2008

l'embarras de choix...

Carol the Worst Caroler has a problem. She doesn't know whether she should sing for Santa or just "KEEP QUIET!" - like everyone always tells her to. She'd like to sing...what are we saying? She'd LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to!!!! But people think she has a bad voice. In fact, they call her Carol the W.C. when they meet her. But that won't stop her...no sir! She's made up her mind: she'll keep on singing and waiting for Santa with a carol up her tongue.
They say he's got a good soul and loves all kids alike. So he'll surely appreciate her, too :)
And yeeeey, he'll also have a present for Carol, right? Told ya, Santa is the best!


Deea said...

craciun fericit to da kiddiez si la mamicile lor talentate. pupz and hugz!!!!!!

BURP said...

kissez to Deea, the coolest girl around :*