Tuesday, November 18, 2008

once upon a time...

... the elves were here
They went by the names of
Sleepy Head,


and Goldie Locks. Their only concern was to sleep well during the day and come out at night to play. Especially Lacey loved playing hide & seek and chestnut ping-pong in the forest. But Sleepy Head and Goldie Locks had trouble staying up more than a few hours.
You know these elfin crittures are very fragile by definition, but Sleepy Head and Goldie Locks were more, much more than that! In fact, the story says they instantly fell asleep - even in the middle of a game. Only it happened for different reasons.
Goldie Locks felt like she needed her "beauty sleep" ASAP, while her sister had a biiiig head that was so hard to carry all over the place and made her sleepy. So Lacey would end up all alone in the forest, calling for them and guiding herself by the snoring her sisters would let out.


Ana said...

uuuuu, I fell in love with Sleepy Head :)

BURP said...

@ana: ugh, that big head of hers! always getting into trouble :)