Wednesday, November 26, 2008


...get ready, set, go!

Hey guys'n'gurls! It's been really crazy in here lately, so we can't keep up with everything we'd like to. Like posting more on the blog. Like meeting our friends. Like...u know, taking long naps and eating. And so on. Why, you ask? Because we've got to work! :P

We have to make lots of cute stuff for you, so you won't be disappointed when you come by at the fair! Oh, did we forget to mention THE FAIR? :)

We'll have our own little shop at SALA DALLES, starting this Saturday and until December 24th!!!! Together with Biba Bijoux, Fandacsia, Now & Wow and Ruxish, BURP is gonna start the X-mas party earlier and get you to have fun all month long! So don't forget to drop by and see the kiddiez. XOXO


Ana said...

I'll come to say hi to the kiddiez indeed :)