Wednesday, October 22, 2008

some newborns... the Sheepy Moods series
Seeing the first Porn Sheep become a star, some of her little sisters became true followers and tried to make it in the XXX industry as well.
Luck is on their side most of the time - but that's not something we can say about the Black Sheep... This guy is so pissed off because nobody gives him credit for the good things he does. Everyone keeps on showing him the flaws - which aren't so many, after all (he thinks). What's a little crashing the car, tripping over the cat and breaking the Chinese vase, spilling some milk on the kitchen floor, misplacing the keys? Everybody does that, right? Kinda...
All this talk has made Shy Sheep even more bashful. He hates being in the spotlight, although he would love to do it. Hummm, that sounds pretty dumb :) In fact, he would love to tell jokes - maybe even be a stand-up comedian...but the truth is he can't take the pressure! He always gets rosey cheeks and gets all nervous and faints. But that's how artists are - sensitive crittures - right? :)


Cren said...

Vai! :)) Extraordinara ideea cu Sheepy Moods. As vrea si eu my own porn sheep :D Asta daca mai e disponibila, desigur :) Cand veniti din vacanta, vorbim :D

BURP said...

hihi, ne bucuram ca iti place :) Porn Sheep nu ar trebui sa lipseasca din vreo ureche :P