Sunday, September 28, 2008

drink up...

...all your tea

Yesterday we spent a (short but full) day at the GreenTea fair. Well, it was short because we were pretty exhausted, had a deception with Chinese food for lunch - because we couldn't eat any :P , and rain was also present in the picture, so you get the idea. But anyway, we met some of our old friends in there and that was fun, plus the GreenTea house looks like one out of children's story - and that's something we cannot resist :)

So here's us, waking up really early in the morning :)

The kiddiez seemed to take it better, but they sleep as much as they want to, so we're pretty jealous. Anyway, they didn't cause too many problems this time...

...if you don't take into consideration the fact that they were practically everywhere!!!! On the stairs, on the table, on the shelves...

But this was their way of getting attention, so who can put up with these lil' guys?

Not even planners can resist a little viciousness in their lives, so here's Ralu sporting the new and improved Vicious Girl :)

This is a snapshot of our table that kept insisting on being a mess, no matter how hard we tried to keep it tidy ;)

But that was pretty much OK, as some hellacraft brooches found a place to stay in there as well...

...making their master proud.

People were searching on and under the tables for thrifted thingies...

...taking pictures and smiling.

And of course the Hybrid Rainbow and the Alien Ape Star could not resist playing a bit!

All in all, everybody seemed happy and tea-infused :) Now let's get some sleep, 'cause that's what Sundays are for.

Enjoy yours!