Monday, September 1, 2008

mirror, mirror on the wall...

"Hey, gather round, everyone!" - the curious kiddiez just HAD to know who the winners are.

And we proceeded to draw out the names, under their supervision...the first one for the belt...

...then a second name for the brooch...

...and the earrings!

This Little Socialite wanted to announce the names herself!

...who are the winners of them all? :)

Some time ago we invited you to take part in the sweepstakes for the Busy Bea belt, the Hearty African Flyer brooch and the Tanorexic Sheep earrings. Today is September 1st, so we have the winners! Congratulations!!!! And thanks for participating, everybody - stay tuned, 'cause there's gonna be more where that came from :)

So, the winners are:
1. Anna + Busy Bee

2. qte Jane + Hearty African Flyer

3. lenebarbie + Tanorexic Sheep

Please contact us to claim your prize - it could be through smoke signals or paws in the sand, but we prefer the old skool email :) Hugs!


qteJane said...

wow! I cannot believe I actually won this gorgeaus one!!!! Love ya guys!

lola said...

foarte haioasa ideea tragerii la sorti...imi place:)

BURP said...

@qte jane: yep, you did! :) and pls don't forget about those pics :P

@lola: 10q