Tuesday, September 9, 2008

happy, happy...

...joy, joy! :)

We totally wanted to celebrate because this evening we just had our 10th order on Breslo! Yeeeeey! All the kiddiez jump around :P
OK, it might not seem much or something - and we're not bragging (come on, have we EVER done that? :P), but it seems we're preeeeety much obsessed with the number 10. Yep, it's probably an old repressed thingie from school, when only the good kids got this mark of excellence...well...anyway, did we or didn't we make it this time? :P
Well, in fact, we kinda jumped right to eleven ---- so, darn!!!! we didn't get to touch that 10 again.... :)

P.S.: last night we put the kiddiez to work - so they wrote some piece for the Breslo blog - or let's say, the Breslog :) You can read it - but we don't advise you to :)



Happy Wardrobe said...

Buna! :) sunt un nou blog cu hainute si accesorii.
Te-am adaugat la blogroll ;)

carmen said...

am vrut sa-ri vizitez blogul uite ce-mi zice la dresa lasata de tine

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