Wednesday, September 17, 2008


...ACT 1
OK, so this is it. Or should we say "them"? No, no, it's definitely "IT":)
The vin[TEE]ge collection.

The Tees are New New New, but their accessories have quite a history :) We've pimped them up with ties and scarves and hope you like them.

What we basically did was: 1. steal all* of Grandpa's ties; 2. make Grandma sew them up on these T-shirts. Pretty evil, huh? huhahahaha :P

*OK, we didn't really steal them all, we left one of them in there, 'cause tomorrow Grandpa's attending a conference and needs it.

So, there we go:

"Yellooooooooooooooooow, anybody there?"

"Oh, hi! I have a small request...if you could just show me your pinky toes?"

"Ugh... please stop that! I'm in no mood for any monkey business right now, OK?"


Anonymous said...

cat costa tricourile?

BURP said...

60 RON

simplyme said...

i kinda those a looooot! :)))