Sunday, August 10, 2008



They are a bunch of guys and girls that can't stand sharing. They hate the word so much they can't even pronounce it - and they're all for expressing their individuality, as they think the limelight was invented for them. In this series you will find lots of stand-alone earrings that "operate" by themselves and don't understand the meaning of a pair, a couple or a family. Whatever happened to the power of ONE? :)
Above you can see the first EGOCENTRIC earring, the Cuckooed Birdie. She's a bit insane, of course - if you can't notice that just by looking at her, you will in the morning. At 5 o'clock sharp, she'll show you that the wake up call isn't what it used to be. Ready 4 work? :)
Cuckooed Birdie - price: 15 RON