Sunday, August 31, 2008


...married :)

Oh, no, not us! :P But the last few days were pretty scary, as it seemed almost everyone around us was talking about marriage. Some of our friends decided to "take the plunge", others were thinking they should start thinking about it :), Rox asked us to make some wedding accessories for a photo shooting and so on... So you know, the whole thing was too funny-coincidental not to be inspiring in some way or another :)
And that's how these two came up:

The BRIDE brooch. Why is it useful? Well, to recognize the bride, of course! When the boys are into the "metrosexual" / "smoothie" category, it might come in handy to have it :)

The JUST MARRIED brooch. It's the best accessory for those moments when you want to shout it out loud and let everybody know what you did, but of course, you also want to keep your job and be seen as a person without any problems in the upper storey :)
OMG, these 2 are so cute some of us might get into the "I wanna get married" mood soon! So we'd better get that out of our minds ASAP!!!! Byyyyye!


Denisa said...

Buna, sunt foarte dragutze accesoriile. Si eu ma marit :P, asa ca as vrea sa cumpar prima clama de par, cea cu "bride". Cum sa procedez?

BURP said...

@denisa: hey! BRIDE din poza e brosa, dar se poate face si clamitza...da-ne un mail la