Tuesday, August 5, 2008

BURP is...

...on Breslo.ro
Tonight we found out that a few of our BURP kiddiez ran away from home and decided to move on Breslo.ro, a new website that's dedicated to handmade objects and vintage stuff. There you can open your own shop - if you've got something to sell - or you can browse thru the cute things in there - and maybe you'll find something you like. It's like a Romanian variant of ETSY - it was a question of time until a bunch of shops like those would open in the .ro universe. Quite a few designers have already uploaded some of their work...and there's more to come! Check it out yourself!!!!


Ana said...

it was about time we had our own Etsy. can't wait to see more and more and more and more products :)

Breslo said...

Hey, great article, thanks!

Check out our Breslo badges here and help us spread the news.

See you on Breslo!

BURP said...

@Ana: hey, girl, you're sooo right!!!! And thanks 4 visiting us :*

@Breslo: tx 2 and already done that :)

Breslo said...

Nice badge u got there :) ... but when i click on it doesn`t link on your Breslo shop, it just shows me the picture.

So u have to edit it a little bit:

the link target (a href="...") should be http://burp.breslo.ro

instead of http://www.breslo.ro/badge/breslo-buy-handmade.gif

but be careful not to edit the image source (img src="...") :)

if you`re not dealing with it give us a sign and we will be glad to help

also check out our blog

...and nice going with that first order of yours - it was also Breslo`s first order :)

cheers and see you on Breslo!

BURP said...

well, that means more reasons to celebrate :) and tx for the tip, it was the first time ;) but I guess it's OK now