Saturday, July 26, 2008

well, what's next?

...My Grandma's Backyard, of course!

Trinnie's anouncing a new edition of My Grandma's Backyard (the fourth!) on Sunday, August 3rd. It's gonna be held in a new location, one that we love and will probably see less of from now on, as we hear it might be reinterpreted as a biiiiiig block of whatever in the near future (as if we don't already have enough of those in Bucharest...). This wonderful place is the Capitol Summer Theatre, a wonderful garden with a few bunnies running around :)

This time, there's no entrance fee at the fair, but there's a dress code: Pete Doherty-style. You know him, he's that guy with a vague connection to Kate Moss, with messy hair, always wearing some cool clothes and a matching attitude.

As usual, there's also going to be some music - see DJ Lucas @ work.

Curious who's comin' this time? Save or Cancel x Ollie Gang Shop, Coca Zaboloteanu, Zasha, Diana Bobar, Atelier Aiurea, Naive Design,, Button, Now & Wow, Virginia Toma, Bunny Rabbit, NOKO, Gourmandise, Biba Bijoux, Chic not Chicken,Ancient Future, Flu Spirit Accessories by Diana Nitreanu, Cum Vrei, Miss Sunshine, Bunch of Stuff, Raluca Ilie, Alexandra Soldanescu, Maria Barbu. And BURP, of course!!!! :)

So, in a nutshell:

- 4th edition of My Grandma's Backyard on Sunday, August 3rd, 12:00-19:00
- Capitol Summer Theatre: 13 Constantin Mille
- Dress code: Pete Doherty style

See you there!