Sunday, July 27, 2008

shiny, shiny...

...all the way :)
Imagine Andreea threw this virtual ping pong to us - we're really happy to have a shiny award in our paws (uhhhm, I mean "hands"). We're not gonna comment on her reasons, although we think we should work more and be awarded less :)
But anyway, all that we can say is that she is a veeeeery lovely girl that makes wonderful accessories and is a great friend! Thaaaanks!!! (insert big BURP hug in here)'s the thing with the Grafica Prize: it is given to those web pages that distinguish themselves through their graphic and creative content. It is an exclusive idea of the Graficamania discussion forum, that holds all the rights. This prize is periodically awarded to 5 web pages that are thought to deserve it. There's no need for a subscription, this prize is just a proof of appreciation.
All winners have to follow these rules:
- show the award;
- link to the person that gave them the prize and to the Graficamania forum;
- offer the award to at least other 5 web pages and mention the reason;
- write down these rules.
These are our choices in matters of creativity, design and a good dose of coolness :)
1. It's the mighty NOPER - a guy who's got great ideas, tons of talent and loooots of wonderful drawings! So how could his website be anything less than WOW?
2. It's the Graphomix master, Emi! His illustrations and paintings and crazy thoughts are the reason why - but there's also a little critture that really deserves a prize of its own - the RAT!!!! :)
3. It's Virginia Toma, for her wonderful accessories and great personality.
4. It's TricksBox, of course! How can anyone live without a trick upon their sleeve? :)
5. It's chic, not chicken! :) For a bubbly character and colorful creations!
6. It's PIKU - soooo sweeet!
7. It's the Alien Ape Star - can plushies get cuter than that?
OK, OK, there are many more to put on this list. We'll just stop now, but you can find more in our blogroll :)