Thursday, July 31, 2008

do it baby... more time :)

So one isn't enough for us, we wanted MORE, MORE, MORE!!!! (kiddin' :)) Here's another interview that has just appeard in Venue magazine. Thanks, Alma! It says all about the kiddiez, their difficult personalities and the place where they can always be found - My Grandma's Backyard.
Only this time we fought for supremacy and there could be only one BURP parent!!!! So I bit Nico and I won...muahahahahaha!!!! (insert evil laughter in here)
Oh, stop that! I'm feeling guilty already...OKAY, OKAY...I'll buy her a tiramisu cake for that. Uhhhmmm...alright, I'm even adding a Coke, but that's about it!


Alma said...

Succes in continuareeeee!:) Alma