Tuesday, July 1, 2008

create an outfit...

...and win a prize
Hello everybody! We're happy to tell u the news :)
If you go to
http://www.egirl.ro/ and post a picture of a cool outfit, you might win some BURP prizes :) Check out the lookbook section!
Take a pic of yourself, put it
here and see what develops! Each week of this month (yeaaah, it's JULY already!!!!) is rewarded with a BURP brooch & earrings set. Now let's meet the prizes :)

The Golden Geisha is the loveliest and smartest girl you've ever met! She doesn't talk a lot, that's true, but whenever somebody asks her something, she's right on! Plus she's got impeccable manners and a wonderful personality. A rare bird in the BURP headquarters, huh? :)

Bubbles is kinda crazy. The thing she loves most in life is making soap bubbles. But her parents have forbidden it, so now she's found a new passion: making bubbles on the inside. She's really surprised at how easy that is, especially if she throws a bottle of mineral water down her throat. Ouch!

For Lemonade Girl, everything started in school, when she used to make lemonade and sell it to her friends when the week-end came. Then, at university, she dyed her hair to look like ripe lemons. She continued eating citrus stuff each day, every day, and now she's in the Book of Records, in the "most vitaminized person ever" section. Good for her! (we think :))

And, of course, Vicious Girl - which many of you already know. Then you must remember her obsessive passion for all things bad, like smoking, drinking and skipping school. And, of course, eating chocolate. Why can't all the kids be like the Golden Geisha, we ask?