Monday, June 16, 2008

taking the kiddiez out...

...last week-end

As you probably know, a few of us crazy people went to the Black&White festival on Friday and Saturday. In the beginning, the A-team was in complete mode (Trinnie, Aiurea, Virginia Toma, Tricksbox and the BURP kiddiez) , but on Saturday I was stopped from going by a lousy foot ache. Whatever, I didn't take a skateboard out in such a looong time, but look, I still managed to break my leg somehow :)

Anyway, I managed to take some pics on Saturday - so you can see a bunch of happy us in them :)


You can find more pics here.


Daiane said...

looks really nice, cred ca o fost super! pupici

ciudat said...

really? u actually broke your leg? OMG girl!

BURP said...

@daiane: yep, a fost fun :)

@trinnie: well, i was fapt, cik poate fi o mica fisura, dar nu se stie sigur cat de grav, aflam in 2 saptamani mai multe :)))) pana atunci, schiopatez si hope for the best :|