Friday, June 27, 2008

anyone up for a little trip... the seaside?

From the day she was born (a few weeks ago) , this Mermaid Baby can't stop from growing and growing. She's so big we can't even keep her in the BURP headquarters anymore. Plus she's craving to see the sea, plunge in the water and sing for the sailors passing by.

Now she's doing all that in a special place on the balcony, where she's got a small pond and a little rock. But no sailors whatsoever, except the guys in big Jeeps crowding on the street. So it's not like the real thing :P if you're planning a trip to the seaside this week-end and there's a chance you've got a biiiig truck with you, please take her away. Preeeetty please? :)


alma said...

Buna! Ti-am trimis intrebarile pentru Venue.
Alma Stancu

Daiane said...

ce draguta poveste usual :)

BURP said...

haha :) tx

Draumur said...

reincarnated clothing