Wednesday, May 14, 2008

they met in...

...Palma de Mallorca

She was shy at first, but then they became friends.

Pinkie was a wonderful girl sheep who wanted only one thing out of life: a perfectly tanned body and face. Muscles was a boy sheep who loved building his body and thinking...ahem, thinking ABOUT WORKING OUT. So when she came to the beach, he saw her and fell in love. (At the time, he was working as a lifeguard on the island)
And that's what happened: Pinkie took the best decision when she decided to swim. The water was great, warm and all - but she noticed it washed away her fake she began screaming and crying and making a lot of fuss, splashing everyone around.
And because Muscles wasn't really strong in the upper storey as well, he thought the miss was drowning, so he jumped in to help her. And when Pinkie saw him...well, that goes without saying.
So they married, had a few kids and moved on an island where the sun would make their skins green. And they love it so much, 'cause now they're so special! :)
EARRINGS - price 20 RON
Pinkie and Muscles were **sold**


Anonymous said...

Vrea cerceii. cum ii cumpar?

id ioanadarh