Friday, March 14, 2008

The good, the bad and the ugly owl

These owls used to be nice little children… I don’t remember them bothering us at all.
All they needed was an opened TV and they didn’t ask for anything else...
… until one day…

they set up their mind to remake The good, the bad and the ugly… in their own owl version.

But on the way, things went wrong. The bad and the ugly owl couldn’t resist the temptation to plot against the good brother.
The good… well…the good was casted out on the consideration that his face is to good to be true.
Imagine that!
Poor guy, he has been crying ever since.

Anyway… it seems to me that the 3 owls abandoned the western for a more local “Miorita” script. I hope it was the right decision, and the strategic turnover will assure their success.